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Township Board

The Mayfield Township Board is comprised of the supervisor, clerk, treasurer and two trustees. Each of these officials has specific duties, defined by law.

The elected members of the township board adopt the annual budget, which determines the scope and character of township services. The board also adopts ordinances to protect the community's health, safety and welfare. The township board oversees township programs and services.

Township board members also oversee the administration of important township functions.

The Township Supervisor, besides moderating meetings, ensures that assessments on taxable property conform to state laws.

The Township Clerk has custody of vital records, accounts for township finances, and oversees elections conducted by the township.

The Township Treasurer collects property taxes for the township, schools, the county and other tax levying entities.

L A P E E R  C O U N T Y ,  M I C H I G A N

Township Board Members
         Meeting Dates
Dan Engelman
Julie Schlaud
Dan Frisch
Beth Potter-Knowlton
Cheryl Kile

Board Meetings are held at 5:30 PM at the Township Hall.
2024 Meeting Dates